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What is Collect View in Cooja

           Mainly, the collect view in Cooja is considered as the java based tool that is deployed to collect the information from the mote and send the command to the mote which is assistive to acquire the metrics that are highlighted in the following.

  • Duty cycle sensor readings
  • Packet inter arrival time
  • Power
  • Listening Power
  • Tx Power
  • LPM
  • CPU
  • Hops

          Consequently, we have to perform the collect view based simulation in the Cooja through selecting the configuration file based on collect view and that is similar to the window that is highlighted below.

Selection of Configuration File

       Finally, we have provided the sample result of the collect view in Cooja through the below mentioned image.

Result of Collect View

         In sum, we hope that we have provided an adequate amount of knowledge about the purposes of collect view in Cooja and the research scholars can reach us to acquire a lot.