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What is Contiki Cooja Simulator

        In fact, Contiki Cooja simulator is mainly deployed in the limited source of devices such as the sensor nodes and it is used in the creation of event driven kernel because it is he convenient OS.

       Additionally, it is considered as one of the sensor network simulators from the Contiki OS java simulator.

Simulation Using Contiki Cooja Simulator

        For instance, we have highlighted simulation execution based on Contiki Cooja simulator in the following through selecting the simulation configuration file which is located in the project folder.

Selecting Simulation Configuration File

          As a final note, we have depicted the acquired results of the simulation based on executing the Contiki Cooja simulator in the following.

Result of Contiki Cooja Execution

         If you people want to know more about the implementations based on Contiki Cooja simulator then contact us and we provide the complete research assistance for the research scholars.