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What is Contiki Mac

         In general, Contiki Mac is considered as the radio duty cycling protocol along with the utilization of periodical wakeups to listen the packet transmissions from the neighbors. Our research professionals have highlighted the significance of Contiki Mac through this article.

Keynotes of Contiki Mac

       The mechanism based on attaining the low power operation of radio is called as Contiki Mac. The nodes are capable to run in the low power mode to reactive and relay the radio messages through the utilization of Contiki Mac.

Contiki Mac Simulation

          Here, our technical professionals have highlighted the performance of simulation based on rtimer class through the utilization of Contiki Mac and the result of Contiki Mac simulation has been highlighted below.

Result of Contiki Mac Simulation

          To this end, we hope that we have provided the required data about the simulation of Contiki Mac. If you guys have any discomforts, reach us and avail the apt guidance.