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What is Mote in Cooja Simulator

        In general, the mote in Cooja simulator is functional in various processes and this article is about the depiction of the highlights of the utilization of motes in Cooja simulator. Let’s start with the short note about the mote in Cooja simulator.

         The simulated Contiki mote in Cooja is deployed to compile and implement the Contiki system and it is controlled and analyzed through Cooja mote. In addition, it is utilized in the same firmware in the definite physical devices.

         Following that, we have to create the mote in Cooja simulator through going to the motes menu in Cooja window through selecting the create mode option and selecting the type of mote that is required to create the mote.

Creation of Mote in Cooja Simulators

          Finally, we acquire the window that is highlighted in the following through the number of nodes that are added and specified type of motes.

Adding Types of Mote

            We have highlighted some fundamental utilization of motes in Cooja simulator and if you have any queries you can reach us.