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What is the Difference Between Ns3 and GNs3

                    Through this article our research professionals have answered this question “what is the difference between Ns3 and GNs3” with all the required information. Let’s discuss about the dissimilarities in the middle of Ns3 and GNs3 in the following.

  • Ns3
  • It is one among the network simulators
  • It is considered as the discrete event network simulator in the internet systems
  • It’s main intention is to monitor and design the processes
  • It is denoted as the script based simulator
  • Python and C++ languages are deployed to write this
  • GNs3
  • It is denoted as the network emulator
  • It is the graphical network simulator which permits the simulation in the complex networks
  • It’s about to design and configure the process
  • The actual Cisco firmware is functioning through GNs3
  • Python language is used to write this scripts

          In addition, we have highlighted the simulation results based on both the Ns3 and GNs3 process in the following.

The simulation result of Ns3

Best Ns3 Simulation Results

Simulation result of GNs3

Simulation Result of GNs3

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