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Where ns3 is Installed

          In general, it’s really a hard task to location the downloaded and installed file. To make that process as simple our research processionals have enlisted the process to locate the file over this article.

Download Ns-3.30

          Firstly, we have to download the ns-3.30 package over the following URL.


Link to Download Ns3

      While it is downloaded, we have to copy and paste the ns-allinone-3.30 package in the Ubuntu home drive for the installation process.

Location of Ns3 Packages

Install Ns-3.30

        Consequently, we have to install the downloaded package through the utilization of below mentioned command.

sudo ./build.py

Ns3 Installation

Installed Version

         We can view the installed version in the VERSION.txt file and that is located in home/[host name]/ns-allinone-3.30/ns-3.30.

Location of Installed Ns3
Data in Installed Ns3

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