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Aggregated-Proof Based Hierarchical Authentication Scheme for the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is becoming an attractive system paradigm to realize interconnections through the physical, cyber, and social spaces. During the interactions among the ubiquitous things, security issues become noteworthy, and it is significant to establish enhanced solutions for security protection. In this work, we focus on an existing U2IoT architecture (i.e., unit IoT and ubiquitous IoT), to design an aggregated-proof based hierarchical authentication scheme (APHA) for the layered networks.

Concretely, 1) the aggregated-proofs are established for multiple targets to achieve backward and forward anonymous data transmission; 2) the directed path descriptors, homomorphism functions, and Chebyshev chaotic maps are jointly applied for mutual authentication; 3) different access authorities are assigned to achieve hierarchical access control. Meanwhile, the BAN logic formal analysis is performed to prove that the proposed APHA has no obvious security defects, and it is potentially available for the U2IoT architecture and other IoT applications.