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Delay Tolerant Networks Projects

A Delay Tolerant Network (DTN) is a network intended to work efficiently on the radical distance that comes across over a spiritual range. Commonly, DTNs are aiming as a group of protocols that allow to holding up active telecommunication process in existence of long intrusion. Thus, the delay tolerance is defined as the lack of physical channel and not to the delay amount in the direct link, and equally, it can predict valuable rates in the case of geostationary satellites. We aim to assist new readers to get coherent information about this research field with the latest solutions for your Delay Tolerant Networks Projects

What are the characteristics of DTNs?

  • Lack of connectivity
  • Lack of immediate uninterrupted paths
  • Routing protocols are flop to find routes for passing the actual data (e.g. AODV and DSR)
  • Routing protocols procure a “store and forward” technique to establish and reach its actual destination

Consequently, let’s talk about the research issues that our experts commonly faced in the DTNs research period.

Research Delay Tolerant Network  Projects

Research Issues in DTN

  • High Error Rates 
    • Delay tolerance attempts to spot its high error rates in communication networks
    • Fixed connections for communication without errors
    • Increasing spectrum usages raise more issues in wireless networks
  • Long Delay
    • Delay tolerance can identify its unreliable delay in networks
    • Implied that transmission delays are moderately homogeneous within networks
    • Works with afar wireless links, intermittent connections, and high error rates
    • Take some period to occur successful communication

Here, we relate the resolution that is founded on the following with IoT limitations.

  • Scalability – latency and network coverage are then two major metrics that related to the scalability in the IoT
  • Heterogeneity – The contributions of restricted battery supply and storage in small devices must be deliberate to design proficient and best DTN solutions.
  • Mobility and Security – High mobility introduces security issues
  • Resources – Additional limit in the IoT and DTN resources

Whatever the issues may be, but still DTN is subsisting as a new research area. Especially that requires development and terms of communication reliability.

Hope, you get basic info about DTNs. Now, let’s talk about our research help in DTNs. Especially in delay tolerant networks projects, we mainly focused on a new type called X-DTN (Extended DTN) that intend to link delay-tolerant system with some technologies like M2M, ICN, Fog Computing, etc. Our experts invent some unique topics for your projects in X-DTN are listed below.

Research Topics for Delay tolernat Network Projects

  • Opportunistic link of smart things & IoT devices
  • Integrating M2M stand to DTNs (To obtain data from energy-restricted sensors)
  • Merging ICN and DTN to facilitate universal Internet access
  • Scheduling Resources / Packets / Devices
  • DTN routing protocol for a Public Bike Sharing System (IoB-DTN)
  • Underwater Sensor-based DTN of Routing
  • Delay tolerance and node position  for RSNs in IoT
  • Unify communication semantics of both DTN and IoT
  • nanoDTN: designed to grip the heterogeneity in IoT
  • Fog computing with DTN, and Low power DT-WSN
  • Integrate MQTT, and CoAP  to DTN

Instead of these listed topics, we have numerous topics in DTN research. For each topic, we have a separate expert team who direct you in the right way to reach your goal in Delay Tolerant Networks Projects.  Concurrently, we listed the latest and different technologies applied to DTN like heterogeneous networks, D2D Communications, massive MIMO, SDN, and IoT. So join us, to enjoy your easy research period.