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Implementation of High Presence Video Communication System for Multiple Users Using Tiled Display Environment

Various tele-communication systems have been spreading with advance of network technology in recent years. Teleconference system can realize interactive communication between remote locations via Internet. On the other hands, it is difficult for commonly-used teleconference systems to simultaneously display data and video images of users as increasing the number of remote users due to restriction of monitor size. The users cannot move freely with gestures while communicating each other. In addition, the realistic sensation such as user’s facial expression and gesture cannot be sufficiently transmitted.

In this paper, in order to resolve such problems, we focus on tiled display technology which has featured large display size and high resolution, and can configure various display sizes to solve these problems in remote communication. In this paper, we propose a configuration and an architecture of tele-communication system to obtain video image of multiple users by using multiple cameras based on tiled display environment and construct a prototype system. We describe multi-camera function, life-size display function and background switching function which are required to communicate with higher presence.