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Quality of Energy Provisioning for Wireless Power Transfer

One fundamental question for wireless power transfer technology is the energy provisioning problem, i.e., how to provide sufficient energy to mobile rechargeable nodes for their continuous operation. Most existing works overlooked the impacts of node speed and battery capacity. However, we find that if the constraints of node speed and battery capacity are considered, the continuous operation of nodes may never be guaranteed, which invalidates the traditional energy provisioning concept. In this paper, we propose a novel metric-Quality of Energy Provisioning (QoEP)-to characterize the expected portion of time that a node sustains normal operation by taking into account node speed and battery capacity.

To avoid confining the analysis to a specific mobility model, we study spatial distribution instead. As there exist more than one mobility models corresponding to the same spatial distribution, and different mobility models typically lead to different QoEPs, we investigate upper and lower bounds of QoEP in 1D and 2D cases. We derive tight upper and lower bounds of QoEP for 1D case with a single source, and tight lower bounds and loose upper bounds for general 1D and 2D cases with multiple sources. Finally, we perform extensive simulations to verify our theoretical findings.