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Recent PhD Topics

In the process of research, topic selection is considered as the foremost section and it is a significant and multifaceted task for the research scholars to select a research topic. Thus, our research experts have provided some guidelines about topic selection and some notable research topics in this article “recent PhD topics”.

How to Select a Topic for PhD

The research scholars can select the research topics based on the occurrence of issues in real time and they have to select the topic as per their area of interest because the research scholars have to go for the run long along with this topic to complete their PhD degree. In addition, the research scholars have to check the following importance before selecting the recent PhD topics.

  • PhD’s length and timeframe
  • Availability of data and sources
  • Interest and knowledge based on the selected area
  • Social, practical and scientific consequences
  • Requirements in the department and institution

Identification of Research Gaps

The research gaps are considered as the problems that are not properly addressed in the existing research work. Research gaps are occurred because of the lack of required data to support the entitlement and the literature gaps in the research literature. The research gaps are positioned through the systematic reviews and analyzing the citation of the existing research article and making note about the discussion section and the future research phase in the research papers that are published in the previous years. In the following, our research professionals have enlisted some tips to analyze the research gaps such as.

  • Identification of broad area
    • Initially, the research scholars have to narrow down the area in which they are much more interested. The research gaps are identified through analyzing and deeply studying about literature based on the selected subject
  • Research gaps identifying methods
    • It is essential to formulate the research questions that need even more analysis and investigation for the formulation of research gaps. For this research gap identification process, the research scholars have to collect resources from the journals, books and etc.
  • Viability of the research gap
    • When the research scholar identified the research gap then we have to check the viability of that research gap whether it is practically functional or not
  • Selection of research gap
    • The selection of research gap is completely reliant on the research scholars as per their interest and contribution
  • Expected outcome
    • In general, the research scholars have to set the expected outcome of the research in mind when we started to work on the research problem. When the identified research gap is not useful in anyways means it is denoted as the redundant about the whole process
  • Research gap table
    • Initially, it includes the category that consist of the features and presentation of the research problem
    • It is created through the sub category of the conflict in the resources, non-matching evidence and possessing knowledge deficiency
    • It includes the characterization of causes in research problem, reasons for the presence in research gaps
    • Finally, it provides the number of gaps that occurred in research

Our research professionals have years of experience in this field and through that we have highlighted the list of features to draw the literature review.

Features of Literature Review

  • It provides the new interpretation of existing work
  • Track the intellectual progression of field
  • Deployed to evaluate the sources and advise the readers
  • Locate the research gaps and depicts the state of issue

We have the updated research team to provide novel research notions with the appropriate simulation tools, models, source code and the datasets. So, the research scholars can communicate with our research experts to fulfill your research requirements. Now, let us discuss the significant research topics that are used to select the recent PhD topics as per their research areas in the following.

List of Research PhD Topics

  • Deep learning
  • Disaster mitigation and recovery
  • Anosmia feature by COVID 19
  • 3D surface reconstruction
  • Tumor segmentation and interpretation
  • Wireless security and routing
  • Multi-modality motion analysis
  • Finger vein recognition
  • Deep learning with multi feature
  • Pixel and feature point grouping
  • 3D and 4D based finger vein
  • Multimodality
  • CT
  • PET
  • SDN
  • Attack detection and mitigation
  • Controller placement
  • Dynamic offloading
  • Buffer and traffic management
  • Multimedia flows routing
  • Flow rule placement
  • Industrial internet of things
  • Data de-duplication detection through
  • IIoT
  • Fog
  • Energy management
  • Edge for brownfield IIoT
  • D2D communication
  • Joint models  for power allocation and scheduling
  • Coverage and capacity improvement
  • Adaptive multiple D2D pairs
  • D2D enabled cellular networks
  • Power allocation
  • Best relay selection
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Knowledge based learning by multi agents
  • Interoperability among cloud and fog
  • Robot and multi robot systems
  • Multimedia indexing and retrieval

In addition to that, we have listed out some sample titles for your reference to select the research topic for your PhD.

Other Sample Titles

  • Distributed vector processing of a new local multi scale Fourier transform for medical imaging applications
  • Enhancing the accessibility of speech used in broadcast media for an ageing population
  • Computation offloading strategy based on deep reinforcement learning in cloud assisted mobile edge computing
  • Augmented reality based navigation and mapping for pedestrians
  • Random forest and support vector machine based hybrid approach to sentiment analysis
  • Registering pre-procedure volumetric images with intra procedure 3D ultrasound using an ultrasound imaging model
  • Intelligent algorithms for dynamic spectrum access a secondary user in cognitive radio systems
  • Dynamic pilot allocation for channel estimation in high mobility OFDM receiver
  • Block design based key agreement for group data sharing in cloud computing
  • An ensemble classification system for twitter sentiment analysis
  • Innovative data transmission based on global system for mobile communications (GSM)
  • Secure data sharing in cloud computing using revocable-storage identity based encryption
  • Improved churn prediction based on supervised and unsupervised hybrid data mining system
  • An efficient packet transmission using optical communication
  • An attributes similarity based K-Medoids clustering technique in data mining
  • Perform the data transmission between the communication hosts by using Infrared communication.
  • Research and development of data security multidimensional protection system in cloud computing environment
  • Customer behavior mining framework (CBMF) using clustering and classification techniques
  • A novel Gini index decision tree data mining method with neural network classifiers for prediction of heart disease

What are the Interesting PhD Topics?

  • Power supply noise aware physical design with decoupling capacitance allocation in system on chip
  • Iris location and recognition through deep learning networks based design for biometric authorization
  • Efficient scheduling mechanism for performance heterogeneous multi core processor
  • Design and research of high voltage power conversion system for space solar power station

What are the Recent PhD Research Topics?

  • Potent real time recommendations using multi model contextual reinforcement learning
  • Deep learning based object detection and recognition of unmanned aerial vehicles
  • A new method for measuring and leveling heights using computer vision techniques
  • A novel posture recognition based on time series supervised learning algorithm
  • An efficient neural network based next hop selection strategy for multi hop VANETs
Recent PhD Topics for scholars

What are the Latest Trends in Research?

  • Convenience of location data about the consumer and employee
  • Ubiquity of connected machines to enhance the efficiency
  • Investments in healthcare will leads to richer data driven health experience
  • Wide range of connectivity
  • Satellite
  • 5G
  • Low power networking technologies
  • Smart building technology leads to the employee transformation

For your quick reference, our research professionals have enlisted the research areas with best topics in computer science field and through referring this research scholars can derive the recent PhD topics.

What are the Research Areas in Computer Science?

  • Speech recognition
  • Computer vision
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Natural language processing
  • Service personalization
  • Predictive analytics
  • Data analytics

To implement the above mentioned research areas, our research professionals include the below mentioned research techniques and algorithms.

Research Techniques and Algorithms

    • Density based spatial clustering of applications with noise is abbreviated as DBSCAN and it is the wide ranging learning method used in the model building and machine learning algorithms. In machine learning, it is deployed to separate the clusters of high density from the clusters of low density. In addition, it is used to mark the outlier points based on the low density regions
  • Keyword spotting technique
    • This keyword spotting technique is utilized in the speech recognition for the identification of targeted keywords and phrases. The keywords are modified through the specific requirements and preferences. The users have to select the words which are capable to trigger the action for the process of identification. In addition, the calls and recordings are frequently monitored to offer the ability and analysis to get spotted
  • Lexical affinity method
    • Lexical affinity method is abbreviated as LA method and it is the enhancement of KR method. It is considered as the notwithstanding process of keyword identification and random emotion words that are allocated with the probabilistic affinity. It is in charge for the second stage that is assigning the probabilistic affinity towards the random emotion words. For instance, the word good is assigned as the positive affinity and the word anger is assigned as the negative affinity

So far, we have discussed about the list of research topics and the techniques used in the implementation of research projects. Now, it’s time to take a look at the significance of services that we are providing for the research students and scholars.

Research Services Offer by Us

  • Topic selection
    • We used to satisfy the research scholars through provide the innovative, relevant and recent PhD research topics. In addition, we used to explain all the novel research concepts to the scholars before selecting the research topic
  • Journal writing
    • Our research professionals used to write the content based on the research as per the standards and specifications of selected research journal. In addition, we used to include topical techniques and appropriate simulation tools in the research methodology section which meets all the expectations from the reputed journals
  • Plagiarism checking service
    • We are using the anti-plagiarism tool to provide the plagiarism free research report for the research scholars. In addition to that, we used to write the research papers with the best quality and novelty to avoid the usage of plagiarism
  • Journal paper publication
    • Research paper publication is denoted as foremost task in the PhD research process and the research scholar aims to publish their research paper in highly reputed journal. Thus, our research experts are providing the paper publication service in the journals with high impact factor and that too in the short period of time
  • Thesis writing
    • The final stage in PhD research process is thesis writing, it is about the derivation of research in document format. We include the experts in thesis writing to offer the finest PhD research thesis for the PhD research scholars. The research thesis is all about the specifications of research what the researcher have done so far

Taking everything into account, the research scholars can grasp any of the innovative and recent PhD topics in all the research fields from our research experts. Consequently, we provide the guidance for research scholars in all the stages that start from the topic selection until paper publication and thesis writing. In the same way, we make discussions with the scholars at all stages of the research work. Additionally, our well experienced research professionals will provide the significant assistance throughout your research process. Contact our research professionals for more research assistance.