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Spatial DSDV (S-DSDV) routing algorithm for mobile ad hoc network

Mobile ad hoc network (Manet) is a kind of ad hoc network, Multihop with no fixed centralized node. Every node in Manet acts as host and router at the same time. Since nodes are highly dynamic, routing in such a network is challenging task. This article presents a routing strategy for Manet called Spatial Destination Sequenced Distance Vector (S-DSDV) which is an improved version of destination sequence distance vector (DSDV) routing protocol.

The proposed S-DSDV composed of 3 phases i.e. identification of activity area, identification of representative node and route discovery process. Finally S-DSDV reduces the overhead, end to end delay and increases network life time by sending and receiving more number of packet across the network and provides the better throughput when compare to DSDV routing protocol.