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SSTL I/O standard based green communication using Fibonacci generator design on ultra scale FPGA

In this paper six different available classes of Stub-Series Terminated Logic (SSTL) Input/output standard is used for the design of Green Fibonacci generator on 40nm FGPA. That green Fibonacci Generator is used to generate key for Wi-Fi Protected Access in order to make energy efficientcommunication or green communication possible. Six SSTL I/O standards include SSTL18_I, SSTL18_II, SSTL18_I_DCI (S18ID), SS18IID (S18IID), SSTL15 and SSTL15_DCI. We compared I/O power of SSTL18_I with SSTL18_II, S18ID with S18IID and SSTL15 with SSTL15_DCI on different frequencies ranging from 1GHz-1THz.

After comparison it is observed that, SSTL15 is the most energy efficient and S18IIDis the worst energy efficient. Then on comparison of SSTL15 with SSTL18_II_DCI (S18IID), it is found that, when Fibonacci generator is operated at different frequencies like 1GHz, 10GHz, 100GHz and 1THz, the reduction in I/O power requirement of SSTL15 is 77.00%, 45.89%, 19.23% and 14.41% respectively, less than S18IID.