Ns3 Projects for B.E/B.Tech M.E/M.Tech PhD Scholars.  Phone-Number:9790238391   E-mail: ns3simulation@gmail.com

Network Simulator Software

 Network analysis techniques network simulator software:

  • Model the system at abstract level via software
  • Used hardware components that behave like real systems
  • Measurement of both active and passive
  • Mathematical analysis and modeling of systems
  • Conducting experiment on a testbed etc


Aim and motivation of ns-3:

  • Real code integration such as real Linux stacks, real sockets application binaries
  • Easy extensibility
  • Ease of contributing, open development community etc.


Simulated entities in ns-3:

  • Protocol: it manages connectivity and a sockets like API exists for applications to send and receive data through protocols
  • Nodes: entities which form the network, connected by channels
  • NetDevices: interfaces protocol stack with channels/physical transmission medium
  • Channels: transmission medium
  • Packets: what is sent across networks
  • Applications: typically the final data sending/receiving entities, exist on nodes.


Callbacks function in ns3:

  • Callback is function pointer, but with type-safe parameters
  • Using typedef, the callback is defined
  • Example code for define callback in ns3:

Typedef callback<void, Ptr<NetDevice>, Ptr<const Packet>, unit16_t, const Address &, const Address &, NetDevice::PacketType> ProtocolHandler;


  • First argument is return type of void and remaining are the types of parameters to the callback function.