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Best Network Emulator

           In general, there are various network emulators are functional in the process of topology creation. For your reference, we have highlighted some significant network emulators along with its specifications.

  • GNs3
  • Mainly, it is deployed to build, design and test the network in the risk free virtual environment. In addition, they are fixed and they cannot be modified are created
  • Android
  • It is deployed to simulate the android devices in the computer to test the application in various devices and API levels of android. It is supportive for the emulation in mobile applications
  • Qualnet
  • The communication specialists, IT technicians, analysts and planners are using Qualnet for the process of evaluating the performance of communication networks over various operational conditions to recognize and mitigate the operational issues
  • It is deployed to simulate the behavior and performance of the type of network and the pre-built models of protocols and devices are provided. In addition, it permits to create and simulate various topologies
  • Core
  • It creates the representation of real computer network which runs in real time for the simulation process and the key features of core are enlisted below
  • Highly customizable
  • Drag and drop GUI
  • Runs applications and protocols without modification
  • Efficient and scalable

        From the above mentioned network emulators, Core is considered as the best network emulators due to its efficiency and scalability. As an additional note, we have highlighted the process of creating network topology through the utilization of core.

  • Initially, we have to place various router nodes onto the canvas
  • Next, the WLAN has to be selected over the link layer nodes submenu and they are linked
  • The core-daemon is created and that is deployed to calculate the distance among the nodes related to screen pixels
  • The numeric range in screen pixels is the set of wireless networking through the range slider

       For your ease, our technical experts have highlighted the sample network topology which is created using core.

Created Network Topology based on Core

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