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Can We Install Ns3 on Windows 10

          Definitely, we can install Ns3 on windows 10 and that processes of installation are highlighted in this article.

Download Cygwin and ns-3.35

        Initially, we have to download Cygwin and ns-3.35 to install ns3 in windows through the utilization of URLs given below.

  • Ns-3.35
  • We can download the ns-3 packages through URL


Downloading Ns3 Packages
  • Cygwin
  • Download the windows 10 64 bit based Cygwin through the URL,


Install Cygwin

          Next, we have to install the downloaded Cygwin by selecting the devel and python options in the process of Cygwin installation. After completing the installation, we append $cygwin_home$\bin to Windows PATH env variable.

Install Ns3 Simulator

         The Cygwin64 shell is opened and it is unzipped the ns3 software through its own directory. Then, we have to skip the “bake download” and “waf configure” and we directly start to build the process by following commands.

./build.py –enable-examples –enable-tests


./waf –build-profile=optimized –enable-examples –enable-tests configure

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