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How to prepare research proposal?

To the researchers who are all struggling to draft the research proposal for their research work the following suggestions will be helpful in order to frame the research proposal.

We have to choose a suitable field for our research work. The field should be related to our previous study. Working in the field that we can adapt ourselves with full of interest will bring out a great research work.

We should be able to choose the topic for our research work by referring all the recent year’s researches. From the complete reading of all the previously published researches we have to frame one unique topic that should be able to have innovation in our field of research.

Once we write the topic for our research work then with the flow we have to write all the necessary informations regarding our research in the research proposal. We have to mention the overall informations of our research work.

The research proposal must have written with the common idea by which we are going to process our research work by stating one particular problem and how we are going to find the solution of that proposed problem.

Introductory section:

In the introductory section we have to just write the general details on what our research is going to do and how we are able to process the research work.

We have to write by strongly mentioning the purpose for conducting the research work and should be able to write about what kind of advantages we shall have in the field of our research work by conducting this research work.

The readers who are reading our research proposal should have the thought of spotting some novel research and should feel informative by reading our research work.

The scope that we have in the field of our research area should be written in this introductory section so as to explain the ways to attain the scope in the rest of the sections.

Background writing:

In this section we have to write the details of the research background by analyzing the data that was mentioned in the previously published researches.

We have to make writing the informations that we observed from the previous research works form the reputable cites like IEEE, Sci, Sage, Scie, MDPI, Springer, etc.., that is chosen in relevant to the topic of our research proposal.

Apart from writing we have to study the entire field of research right from the evolution to the today’s existence, only after knowing the details from the scratch we are able to write the exact informations without any defects.

From referring all the previously published informations we have to bring out the exclusive data with the writing of added proofs in our research proposal.

Describing the problem:

Describing a selective problem shall be made by keenly analyzing all the previous research works and by finding out the gaps in the existing reference researches.

The gaps in the research denote the unsaid data of the existing researches. So we can gather all the unsaid informations of the previously existing research works and group them all.

We have to write the major unsaid problem that is needed for the existing research work by grouping the mainly required research work that is absent with the problem that we noted.

We should have the collected important research works as the key references and from the key references we have to select the most desiring references that are helpful for our research and they are considered as the core references.

From the analysis of the reference researches we have to choose one distinct problem and find out the solution for that problem in our research work.

Formatting the solution:

From all the collected data of the existing references we have analyzed the problem and going to write about the conducting of research in finding the solution for that particular problem.

We have to write the topic of the most important referred research works in our research proposal by highlighting the solution that particular research addressed for the problem of their previously existing researches.

With the considerations form the previous researches we have to write the methods in which we are going to process with the conducting of our proposed research work in this proposed research topic.

The algorithms and the parameters that were said in the previous research works have to be considered in our research work and we have to write the important algorithm that we are going to use in our research work.

We have to ensure that how the solution will be attained by processing the research work by following the important algorithm that we observed from the previous research work.

We have to just write about the methods and the work flow of our proposed research that we are going to follow for conducting our research work.

By reading the informations on how we are going to provide our solution for the research work the readers will have some curiosity in our research work.

The specific way of writing the problem and stating the solution for that problem is followed traditionally and so we should write them in a proper manner with displaying the actual proofs.

Listing required researches:

We have to list out the required research references that we are going to make use of them in our research work.

As we have already discussed we have to choose the reference researches only form the reputable and standard cites.

If the reference research journals are taken form particular cites we have to attach them in our research proposal by mentioning around twenty research papers.

The reference research papers shall be used by the other researchers who read our research proposal. This research references is useful throughout the journey of our research work.

We have to attach all the references of the recent years in our research proposal to ensure the proof reading.

At last we can conclude our research proposal by giving an idea on how our research outcome is going to be and we have to mention the benefits that our solution is going to provide in the area of our research field.