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Is Network Simulator Open Source Tool or Licensed Tool

        Of course, there are several open source network simulator tools which are deployed in the network simulation process. Here, our technical people have highlighted some of open source network simulator tools over this article.

Open Source Network Simulator Tools

         For your ease, our technical team has highlighted the list of simulation tools which are freely available in online and we can download and install them to develop a network simulation process.

Models in Open Source Network Simulator

          In addition, we have enlisted the substantial models based on network simulator along with its specifications.

  • Openflow
  • It is the provision of openflow protocols to implement network devices, controllers and applications
  • It is used to document the API of IEEE 802.15.4 related models
  • Flow monitor
  • It is deployed to collect and store the performance data from the simulation

Open Source Network Simulator Projects

         In the following, our research experts have enlisted some of the project ideas based on open source network simulator.

  • Optimal forwarded selection for secure and shortest path
  • Secure packet classification in SDN-IoT
  • RSU distribution and handover process in VANET

       You people can reach us at any time to clarify your doubts based on developing a project based on open source network simulator tool.