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NetSim Simulator

         Through this article, our technical experts have highlighted the notable points based on NetSim simulator. Let’s start this article with the process of creating cellular network using NetSim.

Creation of Cellular Network

          Initially, we have highlighted the steps that are required to create cellular networks in NetSim.

  • We have to open the NetSim and click new simulation to cellular networks
  • Following that, we have to add base transceiver station and clicking the Base_Stationicon on the toolbar and place BTS in grid
  • Mobile switching center and mobile station is added
  • Finally, we have to connect the devices in cellular network through clicking the wired/wireless icon on the toolbar

Simulating Cellular Network

        Following that, our technical people have enlisted the process of simulating the cellular network using NetSim.

  • Firstly, we have to click the run icon on the toolbar
  • Set the simulation time and click ok

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