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 The excellence of network service achieved by users is known as network performance. Mostly, the network performance is measured by the study of metrics and statistics. Learn more facts about network performance metrics examples in this space. For an instance, the transmission rate is obtained due to the single bandwidth and the noise channel. Below, we have listed down some bandwidth,

  • Bandwidth of Hosting
  • Network Bandwidth speed
  • Multimedia Bandwidth
  • Internet Bandwidth
  • Network Bandwidth Capacity
  • Asymptotic Bandwidth

Network Quality

           Network performance is measured by the quality of the network connection. It helps to verify the network connection is fast or it is constant, etc. And the performance of the network is monitored by the following devices using network simulator 3

  • Switches
  • Wifi APs
  • Physical Enabled Devices
  • Routers
  • Virtual Enabled Devices
  • Firewalls

Hereby, we have listed down some network performance metrics examples with their function.

Network Performance Metrics Examples Explained in Detail

What are the network performance metrics examples?

  • Data Loss and Network Errors
    • During the transmission and delivery, the packet is vanished or dropped
  • Network Bandwidth or Capacity
    • Obtainable data transmission
  • Network Delay, Latency, and Jittering
    • The data transmission might be slow due to some network issues
  • Network Throughput
    • In the allocated time, the data which is transmitted successfully through the network

Measuring Performance

           Network performance is measurable. With the help of network metrics, we can measure the performance between good and bad. In addition, there are some methods to develop the network performance. Our experts have listed down seven significant ways for your ease understanding network projects.

How to improve the network performance?

  • Reduce Data and Network Traffic
  • Communicate Using Proper Network
  • Certifying the Quality of Service with Proof
  • Suitable System Reconfiguration
  • Specified Network Entities are Provided
  • Eradicating the Performance Blockages
  • Paying Attention to the Problematic Metrics (QoS, QoE, etc.)

The technique of diagnosing, service quality, measuring, and optimizing the network as per the experience of the network users is called network performance monitoring. For example, QoE determines to enhance the user’s experience by the quality of the network. Along with this, there are three significant factors such as human, system, and contextual.

QoE based network performance metrics

  • System Influence Factors
    • Network
    • Delay
    • Bandwidth
    • Jitter
    • Media 
    • Sample Rate
    • Encoding
    • Resolution
    • Device
    • Display
    • Size
    • Screen Resolution
    • Content
  • Context Influence Factors
    • Task Context
    • Multitasking
    • Task Type
    • Interruptions
    • Physical Context
    • Space
    • Location
    • Technical and Information Context
    • Relationship Among the Systems
    • Temporal Context
    • Frequency Usage
    • Time of Day
    • Physical Context
    • Space
    • Location
  • Human Influence Factors
    • High-Level Processing
    • Expectations
    • Personality Traits
    • Economic Background
    • Cognitive Processes
    • Low-Level Processing
    • Gender
    • Age
    • Visual and Auditory Acuity