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Network Simulator Ns3 and Ns2

What is Network Simulator Ns?

               Network simulator is considered as one of the significant tool that is used to verify the characteristics and performance of some network components such as controllers, switches, nodes based on networking. The process of network simulator includes some inputs and outputs and they are enlisted in the following.

  • Network simulator
  • Policies
  • Protocol implementations
  • Procedures
  • Algorithms
  • Queues
  • Inputs
  • Event scheduling
  • Network topology
  • Number of nodes
  • Coding schemes
  • Noise level
  • Signal level
  • Outputs
  • Link stress
  • Throughput
  • Bandwidth consumption
  • Latency
  • Packet loss

Uses of Network Simulator Ns

           The network simulators are capable to build and configure through the utilization of event packages with the process of package. It is deployed to create the quantitative numeric models and for the estimation and that is to respect the data. Significantly, it is utilized to simulate the protocols based on networking and the routing protocols in networks such as wireless and wired.

Applications in Network Simulator Ns

  • Cyber physical systems based application
  • The significant techniques in this CPS system include the computer network, embedded systems, mechanical and physical systems, sensors and actuators. CPS based applications of sensors are listed out in the following
  • Automatic pilot avionics
  • Robotics systems
  • Process control systems
  • Medical monitoring
  • Autonomous auto mobile systems
  • Smart grid
  • Network controllability based simulation applications
  • It is processing as the structural controllability of network and the controllability is deployed as the guide for the dynamical system and that includes the initial state based on the final state in finite time with the appropriate selection of inputs
  • Battery free sensors applications
  • In tiny and low power devices, machine learning algorithms and applications are functioning through the utilization of novel technologies. In addition, it is permitting novel kinds of IoT sensors and it that the batteries are not required. It is capable to figure the body location in precise

          Each and every procedure has its own special characteristics and main process to run the system. Above, our research experts in network simulation have highlighted the applications based on network simulator Ns3 and Ns2 just for your reference. Now, let’s have a brief look at the significance of the network simulator ns one by one.

List of Network Simulator Ns

  • GNs3
  • OMNeT++ 5.1
  • Ns-3.29


          The graphical network system is abbreviated as GNs3 and it is considered as the network simulation and emulation tool software. It is capable to simulate the complex networks and scenarios to support the combination of virtual and real network devices. The GNs3 includes some supportive options and are highlighted in the following.

  • DTP
  • Port security
  • MST
  • RPVST+
  • PVST+
  • Etherchannel

Steps to Create a New Project in GNs3

  • Creating a new GNS project
  • The users can start GNs3 with the wizard to create novel projects and that is starting up through default process. The name of project is to be entered and click OK to create the novel GNs3 project. Then, the users can start the same wizard just by clicking the file and new black project
  • Equipment placement
  • It is about to place the devices what the users can utilize and click the router icon in the left just by placing the template which is registered in the router. The devices are capable to drag and the users can place the project workspace
  • Create a link
  • A link is created among the interface and that is deployed by devices which are connecting them each other and that is to create and click the cable icon. The cursor is to change the shape of crosshair. Click the device to place the in the workspace for the specification of interface what the user have to configure to the link
  • Activating the device
  • It is about the devices based on workspace is started through clicking the icon namely “start”. When the user is using the individual device to start then have to right click the devices icon and click the start icon to start the process
  • Console access
  • It is about the accessing process of console in the activated devices and double clicks on the icon of device. On the other hand, the users can click the console icon to access the console of each and every device
  • Save the device configuration
  • It is to save the configuration of device just by simply running the copy running config startup config for the console process


           OMNeT++ includes various capabilities such as discrete event, open architecture, modular, component based and open source network simulator along with the strong GUI support and the embedded simulation kernel also included.

Models in OMNeT++

          The composition of OMNeT++ model is functional through the hierarchically nested model communication over passing the message. The modules are capable to send the message directly towards the destination of predefined path with some utilization of connections and gates. OMNeT++ includes the mobility framework with the support of mobility nodes, wireless channel models and dynamic connection management. In addition to that, various other models are deployed in the WSN simulations and they are enlisted in the following.

  • Veins
  • It is denoted as the open source framework for the functions of vehicular network simulations. The two well established simulators are also related to Veins such as
  • Road traffic simulator
  • SUMO
  • Event based network simulator
  • OMNeT++
  • It is about the extension of models based on comprehensive suite with the simulation based on infrastructure to vehicles communications
  • Castalia
  • The BANs and WSNs simulator is capable to be utilized in the generic networks and it is creating the low power embedded devices. In the following, we have enlisted some salient features such as
  • Various MAC protocols
  • Node clock drift
  • Physical process modeling
  • Fine grain interface and RSSI calculation
  • Model for temporal variation path loss
  • MiXiM
  • It is about to conceive both the mobile and fixed wireless networks such as
  • Vehicular networks
  • Ad hoc networks
  • Body area networks
  • Wireless sensor networks
  • It is functioning in the lower layers of protocols stack and provides the detailed models such as
  • Wireless MAC protocols
  • Radio transceiver power consumption
  • Interference estimation
  • Radio wave propagation
  • INET
  • It is the framework which includes the standard protocol model library based on OMNeT++. INET includes the models based on the various application models, MPLS with LDP and RSVP-TE signaling, DiffServ, MANET protocols, support for mobility. In addition, the internet models such as
  • Wired and wireless link layer protocols
  • IEEE 802.11
  • PPP
  • Ethernet
  • Internet stack
  • BGP
  • OSPF
  • IPv6
  • IPv4
  • UDP
  • TCP

Ns- 3.29

          Ns3 is developed with the provision of extensible network simulation platform and open source in networking research and education. Ns3 is considered as the provision of models with the packet data networks and some performance with the provision of simulation engine to the users for some experiments based on simulation.

Key Abstractions in Ns3 for Creating a Simulation

  • Net device
  • The abstraction of Ns3 is including the simulated hardware and software driver. Net device is considered as the in-staled process in a node which is capable to permit the node for the communication process with other nodes in the simulation through various channels. The real computer includes Justas and it is the node used to connect the channels through various net devices
  • Channel
  • It is offering various methods to regulate the sub network objects based on communication and to connect the nodes. The channels are specialized through the developers in object oriented programming sense. The specialization of channel are used model the objects such as wires and more
  • Application
  • The basic abstraction in user program are used to create the activities that is simulated in Ns3 are called application. Class application is used to the C++ representation is denoted as abstraction. Application class is considered as the provision of methods to manage the representation of some versions that are beneficial for the user level application simulations
  • Node
  • Node is considered as the fundamental computing device abstraction in Ns3 and the abstraction is the representation in C++ through class node. Node class is considered as the representation of computing devices based on simulation and the users are capable think node as the computer with some functionalities

          We have almost two decades of experience in guiding research projects in the network simulation. So we are capable of analyzing all sorts of types in network simulation. The researchers can seek our research experts in network simulation to get your queries solved. Now let’s understand about the research topics based on network simulator Ns3 and Ns2.

Research Topics in Network Simulator Ns3 and Ns2

  • NISA: Node identification and spoofing attack detection based on clock features and radio information for wireless sensor networks
  • BDF-SDN: A big data framework for DDoS attack detection in large scale SDN based cloud
  • Research on potential attack detection method of information transmission network based on LSTM
  • SDN based predictive alarm manager for security attacks detection at the IoT gateways
  • Modeling and detection of flooding based denial of service attacks in wireless ad hoc networks using uncertain reasoning

          Having a deep knowledge in these research notions is essential to choose from the above topics to select the execution of research process in network simulator Ns3 and Ns2. We have experts to help you in understanding the concepts. They will provide you with massive resources and all essential practical explanations. So you can confidently approach us for any guidance.