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Optical Communication Simulation Software

What is Optical Communication?

          The other name of optical communication is called as optical telecommunication and it is denoted as the communication in distance through the utilization of light and that to carry the information. The process of optical communication includes the buffer, core and cladding through the light guidance with core with the utilization of total internal reflection.

Applications in Optical Network

           The optical fiber is deployed through the companies based on telecommunication for the transmission of cable television signals, transmit telephone signals and internet communication. The process of interference and lower attenuation in optical fiber leads to include the benefits through copper wire with high bandwidth and long distance applications.

  • Receivers
  • In general, the receivers includes the photo detectors which is deployed for the conversion of lights into electricity through the utilization of photoelectric effects and the photo detectors are considered as the semiconductors based photodiode. In addition, the avalanche photodiodes, pin photodiodes and pn photodiodes are considered as various types of photodiodes. The metal semiconductors metal photo detectors are deployed for the appropriateness of circuit integration along with wavelength division and regenerator multiplexers
  • The digital signal is produced through the attachment of limiting amplifier and trans impedance amplifier and it is called as the optical electrical converters. In addition, it is functioning in the electrical domain through the incoming optical signals and they are diminished and inaccurate when passing over the channel. The clock recovery from data is signal processing through the functions of phase locked loop that is applied in data with coherent receivers using local oscillator lasers. Additionally, the process is combined with the pair of hybrid couplers and some photo detectors for polarization process which is monitored through the high speed ADCs and digital signal processing to recover the data which is modulated using OFDM, QPSK and QAM
  • Transmitters
  • The process of conversion and transmission of electronic signals into the light signal is called transmitters. Notably, some of the generally used transmitters are called semiconductor devices including laser diodes and light emitting diodes. The differentiation among laser diodes and LEDs are the production of incoherent light through LEDs and the coherent light are produced over laser diodes. To process in the optical communication, the semiconductors optical transmitters have to be designed as the reliable, efficient and compact because it is functioning in the modulated and optimal wavelength range in high frequency
  • The lights that are emitted using simulated emission in semiconductors laser and the spontaneous emission and that is resulted in high output power and some advantages that are related to the nature of coherent light. The result of laser is relatively directional to permit the high coupling efficiency in single mode fiber. Along with that the narrow spectral width is permitted with the high bit rates for the reduction of effective chromatic dispersion. The semiconductor lasers are modulated directly with the high frequencies due to the short time of recombination

Advantages of Fiber Optic Communications

           The above mentioned real time applications in optical network and they are important to design a simulation system. If you have selected your field, then our team of experts is ready to lead you effectively with their own experience for entire research work. We have also cited the advantages of fiber optic communication for the research scholars.

  • Distance
  • Fiber cable is considered as the epitome of resources based on point to point hard line and long distance communications. The 328ft limit based on typical copper cabling is considered as the limitations of long distance communication and they are requiring the supplementary requirements for the signal extension. The copper cables are reached maximum for the attenuation that is started with set of slight reduction in speed based on gigabit transmissions. The fiber cables are cost effective and grander for the process of long distance connectivity to attain 10 gigabyte of speed through 40 km of length
  • Speed
  • The traditional copper cabling is slower than the fiber optic cables and the small diameter of glass fibers are supportive for the bandwidth speeds in the excess of 10 gigabit speed per strand and the copper cable is supportive for the speed which includes several multitudes of large diameter sections in the aggregation of 6 cables to reach the speed of specific fiber stand
  • Electromagnetic and compatibility
  • The unaffected quality of fiber optic cabling is considered as various functions of outside forces and they are degraded with the copper cabling and some of areas based on industrial facilities with the air conditioners, massive controllers and motors that are used for the spontaneous start and stop process of fiber optic cabling. The radio frequency interface and electromagnetic interface through various materials that are creating the data loss and enhancement of latency in packet streams to transverse the network
  • Secure communication
  • One of the most secure processes of communication is called as the fiber optical cabling. The interception if created while creating the cabling process in the signal transmission and that is attempted for the penetration of glass cable for the light leakage and that is categorized as the degradation in communication process

Optical Network Models in Ns3

           For additional information about the network models in the optical communication simulation software, the research scholars can contact us. Our experts are keen to provide you best research ideas in your interested area. If you have your own ideas then we also ready to assist you to acquire the better results. In the following, we have listed about the significant models in the optical communication simulation software based on Ns3.

  • Radio over fiber
  • It is one of the significant technologies that are functional in the provision of solutions with high bitrates and for the enhancement of IEEE 802.11 WLAN coverage. The systems that are utilized in the optical network for the radio signal distribution through the access point of various remote antennas. The users are decided to achieve Ns3 functioning WiFi model. The lack of models in RoF simulations in Ns3 are proceeding and the new physical layer is developed in Ns3 which is existing in the Yans of WiFi modules to permit the simulation process of hybrid networks
  • Optical transport network
  • The photonic WDN network simulator is considered as the extension of simulation support in the optical transport network with the provision of models in the optical network equipment such as
  • Control plane
  • Channels
  • Core network devices
  • Edge network devices
  • Physical interfaces
  • In addition, it provides some models based on the physical and virtual entities such as
  • Uptime and downtime trackers
  • Repair and failure models
  • Functions of logical channels and spare wavelength path
  • Light path passing through various network devices
  • Shared risk link groups for the location sharing process
  • Physical cable connection
  • Passive optical network
  • It is deigned to permit the single fiber in service provider for the ability to maintain the effective broadband connection in various end users and it includes the specific clients with the utilization of PONs based on the commercial environment. The structural design of PON is enhanced with the popularity of efficiency and cost effectiveness through the cover wires

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