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PhD Research Topics in Internet of Things RPL Protocol

           In general, selecting a research topic is considered as the complicated task for the research scholars. Thus, we have provided some research topics in internet of things RPL protocol through this article. Our well knowledgeable research professionals have highlighted the list of research topics based on the internet of things RPL protocol.

  • Mobility control
  • Traffic and congestion control
  • Network traffic balancing
  • DODAG fault tolerance
  • Security and privacy measurements
  • QoS and traffic aware routing
Internet of Things RPL Protocol Simulation

Internet of Things RPL Protocol Projects

         Furthermore, our PhD holders have illustrated the list of projects based on the internet of things RPL protocol for your ease.

  • Internet of things RPL routing protocols for design new software defined network architecture
  • Safeguarding IoT environment through detecting and mitigating worst parent attack in RPL routing protocol
  • Enhancing IoT environment using fuzzy logic energy aware routing protocol
  • A development of neighbor variability using mobility aware RPL in internet of things
  • Multi gateway internet of things environments using improved RPL protocol
  • RPL based IoT networks based softwarized intrusion detection system
  • An enhanced central intrusion detection system based RPL IIoT environment
  • Prevention of RPL based IoT against wormhole attack through real time IDS
  • Enhancing IoT environment using energy efficient load balanced RPL routing protocol
  • RPL for mobile internet of things applications using game theoretic optimization
  • An effective PRL based IoT for early detection and isolation of rank attack
  • Secure RPL routing protocol: Attack detection and mitigation of RPL ranks in IoT environment
  • IoT lifetime maximization using cluster tree based routing protocol
  • Attack detection in RPL based IoT environment using anomaly based IDS
  • Network intrusion detection system in RPL based IoT using ensemble learning techniques
  • Enhancement of IoT environment using secure and scalable RPL routing protocol
  • Detection of selective forwarding attacks in IoT using improved RPL protocol
  • GRU based deep learning for IoT based RPL attack detection and prevention
  • RPL protocol based node rating and ranking mechanism for preventing IoT against sinkhole attack
  • Ensuring the security of IoT using secure trust aware RPL routing protocol

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