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PhD Research Topics in LTE Network

         We are providing the complete research assistance about the PhD research. When it comes to research, topic selection is the first process and to make that process as much as easier we described this article which is about the complete articulation of research topics and research projects based on LTE network.

  • Uplink and downlink synchronization
  • Scheduling inter and intra cell resource
  • Delay sensitive packet scheduling
  • Carrier and channel aggregation
  • Mobile data networking
  • HD video streaming
LTE Network Simulation

LTE Network Projects

         In addition, the lists of project titles based on the LTE network have been enlisted in the following.

  • End to end network slicing framework through LTE mathematical scheme
  • A genetic algorithm technique for RSS fingerprint based indoor positioning in LTE
  • Ensuring security of LTE network functions in public cloud using virtualization
  • Backhaul aware SDN based LTE networks using handover optimization and joint QoS control
  • Utilization of unsupervised learning in commercial LTE networks for mobility based anomalies detection
  • LTE network based low altitude air to ground channel characterization
  • Low height air to ground channel in live LTE network for interface modeling
  • Multi tire LTE network user experience optimization using data driven traffic steering algorithm
  • Secure authentication in LTE networks using robust authentication and key agreement protocol
  • LTE network video streaming using machine learning based QoE prediction
  • Multi objective particle swarm optimization for location management in LTE networks
  • M2M communication based access delay optimization in LTE networks
  • Enhancing position accuracy in LTE networks using channel estimators and joint time delay techniques
  • Path loss prediction in LTE based urban environments using machine learning techniques
  • Modeling & throughput optimization in LTE networks using massive random access of M2M communications
  • Enhancing localization framework in LTE network using hybrid TDOA fingerprinting approach
  • Two-UAV LTE network: A SkyCore technique for untethered edge based system
  • Multi transmitter signal propagation environments in LTE networks using radial basis neural network path loss prediction
  • Network slicing in LTE network using resource management mechanism
  • Middlebox approach for mobile edge computing in 4G LTE environment

       If you have queries in the project topics based on LTE network, then feel free to reach us at any time.