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PhD Research Topics in Mobile Ad Hoc Network MANET

          As the matter of fact, our experienced research and technical professionals are well qualified and ready to provide appropriate research guidance for the research scholars. Without any delay, let’s see the most significant research topics in mobile ad hoc network (MANET) in the following.

  • Lightweight cryptography in MANET
  • Interoperability to D2D cloud and 5G
  • 3D and 4D MANET with massive users
  • QoS aware routing and clustering
Mobile Ad Hoc Network Simulation

Mobile Ad Hoc Network Projects

       For your ease, we have highlighted some of the sample research projects based on mobile ad hoc network.

  • Prevention of black hole attack in mobile ad hoc network using low latency and high throughput multipath technique
  • Securing communications based on e-healthcare system in MANET using hybrid cryptographic scheme
  • Secure routing in mobile ad hoc network through multi objective optimization
  • An enhancement in mobile ad hoc security using modified zone based intrusion detection system
  • Voice over internet protocol traffic in mobile ad hoc networks for QoS enhancement
  • Random forest ensemble technique in mobile ad hoc network for managing data packets and classification
  • A security enhancement in mobile ad hoc network using ferry node identification model
  • Futuristic mobile ad hoc networks with optimized network operations through game theory based strategic approach
  • Intrusion detection system for mobile ad hoc networks through vector machine support
  • IoT based mobile ad hoc network as trust based predictive model
  • Collaborative attackers detection in mobile ad hoc networks through dual cooperative bait approach
  • Dual channel mobile ad hoc network using reliable ant colony routing algorithm
  • Signcryption method for reliable data transmission in MANET
  • Enhancement of MANET using multi criteria based multipath routing protocol
  • Genetic algorithm for mobile ad hoc network with multipath routing protocol
  • Mobile ad hoc network based secured data communication approach
  • Reputation model in MANET for selfish node detection
  • An improved QoS in MANET using ad hoc on demand multipath distance vector routing protocol
  • Two stage detection against wormhole attack in mobile ad hoc network
  • Better quality AODV protocol for energy optimization in MANET

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