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PhD Research Topics in Molecular Networking

           Most significantly, the field of molecular networking includes the meeting with new people, who share a profession, industry and interests. In addition, it is about the exchanging ideas and information between the individuals. As a sample, we have addressed some research topics based on molecular networking.

  • Co-channel interference reduction
  • Channel coding and aggregation
  • Localization schemes
  • Reactive obstacle prediction
  • Demodulation and ISI mitigation
  • Adjustment of power
Molecular Networking Simulation

Molecular Networking Projects

       Consequently, a scholar can explore many more things in particular researching region in which their interest blooms out. As similar, we have highlighted some research projects in molecular networking.

  • Detection of polyacetylated 18-norspirostanol saponins from Trillium tschonoskii maxim using molecular networking technique
  • An expedite discovery and structural analysis of agar wood natural products through mass spectrometry imaging guided molecular networking
  • Unveiling the inflammatory bowel disease classification in human colonic epithelial organoids by cytokine responsive networks
  • Bioremediation of contaminated soil over immobilization in soil bacterial phylogenetic molecular ecological networks using key sulfometuron methyl degrading bacteria isolation
  • Network pharmacology and molecular docking based treatment of endometriosis using four agents decoction potential mechanism
  • Molecular property identification in drug discovery using molecular substructure graph attention network
  • Exploring potential mechanism of Huanglian Jiedu decoction against sepsis via network pharmacology prediction and molecular docking technique
  • Molecular networking and chemometrics for multiplex approach of UV/VIS fingerprints and UPLC/MS by authentication saffron spice accessions
  • Molecular interactive effect network via novel feature selection strategy
  • A systematically characterize screen novel candidates and Forsythiae fructus using integrated CMCA strategy
  • Three level message passing neural network model for cross category prediction of corrosion inhibitor performance
  • A discovery of iderophores from marine mesophotic zone Axinellida sponge actinomycete streptomyces diastaticus NBU2966 using feature based molecular networking
  • Daphne tangutica maxim based molecular networking through target isolation of cytotoxic diterpenoid esters & orthoesters
  • An approach of reveal new contributions based molecular networking based lipid profiling and multi-omics
  • A discovery of anti-inflammatory chromene dimers from Melicope pteleifolia using molecular networking
  • Multi omics and mass spectrometry imaging based molecular network techniques
  • A developmental gene network heterochronicity in autistic subject derived neurons using pathological priming
  • Molecular property prediction with multiple SMILES augmentation using molecular representation learning
  • Deep leaning autoencoder for molecular communication networks for viral disease analysis
  • Recognition of molecular networks in Alzheimer’s disease progression with deep multilayer brain proteomics

       The research scholars can reach us to obtain the research knowledge about the process of selecting a research topic in molecular networking.