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PhD Research Topics in Network Routing

          Acquire the finest research guidance from our technical experts about the execution of the network routing. In addition to that, our research team has highlighted some list of research topics based on the network routing research field as the reference point of view, so make use of it.

  • Network structure based routing
  • Multi criteria based routing
  • Routing protocols design
  • Route by hybrid protocols
  • Deep learning based routing
  • Bio inspired routing
Network Routing Simulation

Network Routing Projects

       Our resource team has years of experience in this research field and they have enlisted the following list of projects in the field of network routing.

  • Enhancing distributed resilience system using mobile power sources in routing and scheduling
  • Six phases exploration of IoT communication and flow using robust cluster based routing protocol in WSN
  • Multipath routing protocol for ad hoc network based load balancing approach
  • A development scheme of VANET applications using self-adaptive routing protocol
  • An effective proactive demand prediction using VNF scaling and flow routing
  • WSN based energy aware and load balancing routing scheme
  • Machine learning based mobility prediction using delay minimization routing in heterogeneous VANETs
  • Enhancement of security trust aware in IoT using RPL routing protocols
  • QoS aware secure routing technique based on deep reinforcement learning for SDN IoT
  • Enhancing wireless body area network using adaptive thermal aware routing protocol
  • A collective utility value process in deep neural network using IPv6 passive aware network routing algorithm
  • Enhancement of WSN using intelligent routing technique based energy efficient chain cluster
  • Ant colony optimization & butterfly optimization algorithm for energy efficient cluster based routing protocol in WSN
  • Heterogeneous wireless sensor network based routing schema & special clustering using PSO algorithm
  • An effective energy aware performance analysis in mobile ad hoc network using demand routing protocol
  • Energy efficient delay less routing in wireless sensor network using cluster head selection
  • Enhancing wireless sensor networks in IoT using energy aware cluster and neuro fuzzy based routing algorithm
  • A reliable VANET routing decision scheme based Manhattan mobility model
  • A design of scene graph generation using knowledge embedded routing network
  • Development of wireless sensor networks via environment fusion multipath routing protocol

      In fact! We used to offer the appropriate research implementation for the above mentioned projects. So, reach us and aid more.