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PhD Research Topics in Network Security

         In general, the network security related projects are usually done to protect the network by means of newly customized protocols and other proxy and server risk mitigating measures. In addition to that, we have listed some research notions based on network security.

  • Radio fingerprinting
  • En route filtering and end to end encryption
  • Multi-level firewall policies
  • Network port based access control
  • Trust and reputation based routing
  • Security for all OSI layers
Network Security Simulation

Substantial Network Security Projects

       For your ease, our technical professionals have highlighted some research projects that have been developed by our resource team.

  • Enhancement of network security situational awareness using smart grid borderless access control technology
  • Development of scalable network security in SDN framework using Tennison
  • Utilization of private blockchains to develop agriculture network security system
  • Qualified generative adversarial network and transformer based network security situation element extraction method
  • Enhancing 5G standalone network using session management for security systems
  • Deployment of network security defense patterns in chaining functions of security service
  • Dynamic bandwidth allocation algorithm for preventing degradation attacks to enhance security in next generation passive optical networks
  • Joint flow and function scheduling for implementing network security
  • Detection of evolving threats using optical network security management system
  • Implementation of security network coding system using in two way relay networks using physical layer key generation
  • Enhancement of network data security detection using immune algorithm
  • Developing network business security through security model
  • An effective network service provisioning via security service aware reinforcement learning techniques
  • 5G private industrial networks based security threat prevention and control
  • Elman neural network for creating network security perception system
  • Creation of SDN / NFV technology based network security architecture
  • Effective process of validating network using adaptive control theory
  • Absorbing markov chain technique for network security situation assessment method
  • Enhancing information security using component based security control
  • Development of software defined networking data plane using network security situation prediction

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