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PhD Research Topics in Network

           From the entire research areas, network related research projects are highly welcomed because the utmost population is interconnected with various digital physical devices. Therefore, there is a high chance to prove something new in front of technical world along with the research topics such as,

  • Channel rate adaptation in wireless networks
  • Next generation wireless networks
  • Multimedia transmission in HetNets
  • Cross layer design in wireless networks
Simulation Based on Network

Latest Network Projects

       In addition to that, our research experts have described about the notable research projects in the field of network.

  • Vehicular ad hoc networks using cooperative TDMA based MAC protocol
  • A collision free TDMA and finite queues for wireless mesh networks
  • TDMA MAC in industrial wireless sensor network with optimization based time slot assignment & synchronization
  • Wireless powered communication networks based utility resource allocation
  • Wireless sensor network power control through energy efficiency TDMA/CSMA hybrid protocol
  • TDMA based frequency hopping communication based protocol behavior identification
  • Cyclical NOMA-TDMA using UAV assisted wireless powered relay networks
  • TDMA/CSMA approach for prioritized multi-channel MAC protocol in ad hoc networks
  • Energy harvesting wireless sensor networks using TDMA scheduling schemes targeting high channel utilization
  • Genetic algorithm in wireless sensor networks for TDMA scheduling for tree based data collection
  • A development in vehicular networks using TDMA based cooperative MAC protocol
  • Time constrained wireless ad hoc networks using fairness aware topology independent TDMA MAC scheme
  • CDMA wireless communication system with non‑cooperative uplink power control
  • Wireless spread spectrum communication networks based remote health care wireless sensor network
  • An energy efficient MAC protocol based slotted CSMA/CA in nano networks
  • Cooperative channel hopping based CSMA/CA MAC in channel hopping cognitive radio networks
  • An enhanced CSMA/CA algorithm suitable for power line and wireless hybrid networking scenarios
  • LoRaWAN with CSMA/CA based Q-learning aided resource allocation and environment recognition
  • Real time data fusion applications based on clustered WSN using modified CSMA/CA protocol
  • Hybrid power-line/visible light communication network analysis via CSMA/CA based MAC protocol

       The research scholars can reach us at any time to acquire a lot about the implementation of the projects based on network.