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PhD Research Topics in Networking and Communication

          Most significantly, networking and communication includes the meeting with new people, who share a profession, industry and interests. In addition, it is about the exchanging ideas and information between the individuals. For instance, let’s take a glance over the research topics in networking and communication.

  • Energy efficient network
  • Telecommunication standards
  • mmWave, THz b for LOS and NLOS systems
  • Visual MIMO system for large scale networks
  • Submarine data transmission
  • Flying vehicle communication
Networking and Communication Simulation

Network and Communication Projects

         In the following, our technical experts have highlighted the list of research projects based on networking communication.

  • Secrecy Performance Prediction of AF transmission in 6G mobile communication networks
  • Multi hop swarm UAV communications using game theoretic cross layer optimization
  • A new design of next generation green wireless communication network using energy efficiency metrics
  • D2D communication network based energy efficiency in reconfigurable intelligent surfaces
  • A2G channel estimation: Data driven millimeter wave communications in UAV networks using distributed conditional generative adversarial networks
  • Cost effective, agile and disaggregated infrastructure of disaggregated metro optical networks using NFV orchestration
  • 5G beyond and 6G networks based intelligently equipped RAN slicing framework
  • Network coded device to device communications for the enhancement of data dissemination
  • A novel PON virtualization based mobile front haul transport architecture for EAST–WEST communication
  • Full duplex dual hop wireless powered communication networks based throughput maximization
  • Cellular connected UAV networks based mmWave/THz communications for joined scheduling of sensing, communication and control
  • Perpetual changing communication scenarios based queuing in tactical networks
  • Integrated satellite and terrestrial networks based intelligent spectrum management
  • Ensuring power communication network based cross layer network vulnerability using multi-layer node analysis
  • Requirement of latency relaxation in bridged fronthaul networks using uplink user and HARQ response signals decoupling
  • Peer to peer intra communication and bidirectional inter communication using architecture of hybrid fiber ring
  • Enhancing 5G mmWave networks using ultra reliable communication
  • Statistical QoS provisioning for D2D based wireless emergency communications networks
  • Development of social communication for covert aware anonymous communication network
  • Ant colony algorithm for improving wireless optical communication network link design

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