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PhD Research Topics in Sensor Network

         Mainly, this article is considered as the provision of significant research topics in sensor network with the appropriate research guidance from our research experts. Now, let’s start this with the keynotes about the list of sensor network research topics to implement the projects.

  • Spectrum sensing in cognitive network
  • Data Security in sensor network
  • Smart agriculture management and monitoring system
  • Energy efficient routing for underwater sensor network
  • On mask sensor network for adaptive respiratory monitoring
Sensor Network Simulation

Most Recent Sensor Network Projects

        For your ease, the list of PhD research project topics in sensor network have been highlighted in the following.

  • Wireless sensor networks based on demand connectivity restoration
  • Clustering algorithms in wireless sensor networks for combinational optimization
  • Reduction of energy consumption in wireless sensor networks through two FCA based techniques
  • Artificial neural networks in wireless sensor networks using device free wireless localization
  • Underground tunnel monitoring for wireless sensor network using optimal sensor placement
  • Enhancing WSN using PSO based energy efficient coverage control algorithm
  • Round robin scheduling over sensor networks using distributed set membership filtering for multi rate systems
  • Development of ZigBee wireless sensor networks in smart homes through RSSI based indoor localization and identification
  • Three factor user authentication and key agreement protocol in wireless healthcare sensor networks for ECC based provably secure
  • Low cost sensor network based indoor particulate matter concentration using spatiotemporal distribution
  • Wireless medical sensor networks in personalized healthcare systems through lightweight and robust two factor authentication scheme
  • Sensor networks under deception attacks using Distributed Krein space based attack detection
  • An improved ant colony algorithm for energy consumption and numerical optimization in wireless sensor networks
  • Novel scheme for cluster head selection in wireless sensor networks using LEACH protocol
  • Mobile sink in wireless sensor networks for data gathering schema with data fusion
  • Wireless sensor network used for patient monitoring system
  • Wireless sensor networks in internet of things environments through three factor anonymous authentication scheme
  • Clustered multi AUV underwater wireless sensor network for energy efficient relay based void hole prevention
  • One way multi hop sensor network through image transmission
  • An ensemble approach for multi sensor data medical data in body sensor networks

        If you guys have to know more about the topic selection and implementation of sensor network, then reach us and acquire more.