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PhD Research Topics in Steganography

            In actual fact! Our research experts are providing the wide ranging research support for the PhD research scholars to solve the major issues what you are facing from the initial stage while developing a research project through this article. Let’s start with the emerging research topics in steganography.

  • Authentication by industrial networks
  • Video surveillance in WSN
  • Internet traffic transforming
  • ANN based steganography
  • Fiber optical layer security
  • Audio, image and video transmission
Steganography Simulation

Steganography Projects

          Are you guys excited to know about the significant topics in intrusion detection system? We have enlisted the some notable research topics of steganography in the following.

  • Enhanced Xception to execute high capacity image steganography
  • Quantum substitution boxes for new image steganography technique
  • Deep learning algorithms to implement high capacity image steganography
  • Utilization of LWT technique with steganography methods for image transformation technique
  • Deployment of 3 player game in development of stenographic platform
  • Deep convolutional generative adversarial networks to create new image steganography method
  • Genetic algorithms for optimized steganography hiding capacity
  • Enhancement of linguistic steganography with recurrent neural networks using RNN-stega
  • Center sequential technique for novel stenographic approach
  • Image texture features based adaptive payload distribution with multiple images steganography
  • Generative adversarial networks for invisible steganography
  • Combined encryption and steganography for data security enhancement in communication system
  • Generative adversarial networks for secure steganography enhancement
  • Invertible neural network using large capacity image steganography
  • Enhancement of color image steganography through payload partition strategy
  • Arbitrary nonorthogonal polarization steganography for Vectorial compound metapixels
  • Cocktail party effect for blind key based attack resistant audio steganography
  • Utilization of steganography in image transmission for security enhancement
  • Data steganography for enhancement of new technique

         Now, you guys can implement the projects on steganography by your own and hit us if any assistance required.