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PhD Research Topics in V2X Communication

          Are you guys searching for the appropriate research topics in V2X communication to develop your PhD research? Then, no worries!!! You guys can go through this article for the innovative research notions in V2X communication. In addition, our resource team has highlighted some research topics based on the V2X communication in the following.

  • 3D beam alignment and blockage mitigation
  • Enhanced MAC protocol design
  • Clustering and routing of packets
  • Trust model for security
  • Channel equalization and tracking
V2X Communication Simulation

V2X Communication Projects

        Consequently, our well-equipped researchers have defined some notable PhD research projects titles in V2X communication as follows.

  • Cellular V2X network based resource allocation using fuzzy matching learning techniques
  • Preventing packet dropping attacks in C-V2X communication via evasive scheduling process
  • An implementation of user plane latency period in V2X network for URLLC
  • Enhancing cellular V2X communication through conflict free scheduling
  • Proactive caching and file sharing in V2X networks using UAV enabled data dissemination protocol
  • DGS & parasitic elements to enhance V2X communication with mutual reduction of polarized MIMO antenna
  • Integrated communication and sensing in UAV aided V2X network through energy efficiency computation offloading technique
  • Reduction of channel connection using adaptive transmission power and message interval control approach in C-V2X Mode 4
  • Enhancing cooperative driving with decentralized resource allocation
  • Mitigation of channel congestion in 5G V2X sidelink using transmission control based on reinforcement learning
  • Depiction of common technical encounters in mmWave based V2X through improving IEEE 802.11ad
  • Improving security measures for emergency braking using unreliable V2X communication in cooperative driving
  • Predictive power allocation in V2X communication using deep learning techniques
  • Enhancement of vehicle communication using index coding
  • Developing V2X communication system through security credential management
  • Creation of software defined dynamic MmWave V2X networks and PoC implementation for secured automated driving
  • Enhancing V2X communication using edge based vehicle mobility prediction
  • IDS simulated through human immune system for parameter efficiency testing
  • Well maintained security and privacy for vehicle to everything communication
  • Enhancing V2X communication platforms using secured authentication

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