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PhD Research Topics in Vertical Handover

          Are you people struggling to select research topics in the field of vertical handover? Then, feel free because you guys are at the right platform. We used to provide the complete research support for the scholars mainly in the vertical handover. Let’s get start with the list of research topics in vertical handover.

  • Multi attribute based handover
  • Mobility and handoff management
  • Fast VH for RT packets transmission
  • Back off delay assessment
  • Best nearest AP selection
  • VH between multi RAT
Vertical Handover Simulation

Vertical Handover Projects

           Spontaneously, we have enlisted the innovative research projects that have been implemented by our technical experts in vertical handover.

  • Hybrid VLC-IR networks in ship cabins through reinforcement learning adaptive vertical handover scheme
  • Utilizing velocity pre-decision and fuzzy logic based vertical handover algorithm in heterogeneous private network
  • Vertical handover in heterogeneous wireless networks through enhanced KNN based decision algorithm
  • Two thresholds and multiple parameters for robust vertical handover decision
  • Heterogeneous aeronautical network using network assisted vertical handover scheme
  • Value of handover defects and adverse events reduction using standard and mind map combined communication mode
  • Primary detection of wrong decision probability in handover traffic with wireless communication networks
  • An enhanced delay in AI handover via dynamic learning period
  • Authentication with privacy protection in 5G network via fast and universal inter slice handover authentication framework
  • VANET based distributed mobility management through mobile internal vertical handover mechanism
  • LTE-A for vehicular networks for handover authentication scheme
  • Utilizing NDN 5G for request based handover mechanism
  • Handover decision in satellite terrestrial integrated networks using LB-DDQN
  • T2RFS-FNN using handover optimization algorithm
  • Bio inspired attractor selection technique for handover among vehicular network providers
  • UCN based soft mobility for transparent handover
  • Heterogeneous wireless multimedia networks based battery lifetime maximization using fuzzy logic system
  • Vertical handover in heterogeneous emergency communication systems through Fast multi attribute network selection technique
  • Unmanned aerial vehicles with cooperative relaying based vertical handover technique
  • A hybrid cryptosystem based secured vertical handover to NEMO

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