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PhD Research Topics in Wireless Communication

          In recent days, our communications are even more modernized and digitalized right!!! If you people are aspired to modify any newfangled communication, then go for the innovative projects ideas based on wireless communication which has been highlighted in the following.

  • Waveforms
  • Filtered OFDM
  • Multiple Access
  • SCMA
  • PDMA
  • PAPR mitigation
  • Adaptive or spatial modulation
  • Nearest antenna selection
  • Initial uplink synchronization
Wireless Communication Simulation

Wireless Communication Projects

        The latest PhD research topics in the field of wireless communication have been highlighted in the following.

  • Developing end to end wireless communication systems using deep learning algorithms
  • Intelligent reflecting surfaces for secure wireless communications
  • Enhancing wireless communication systems in terahertz bands using propagation modeling
  • Edge assisted healthcare service robots using wireless communications and cognitive computing
  • RIS empowered multi user MISO wireless communications through channel estimation techniques
  • Execution of secure wireless communications using deep reinforcement learning-based intelligent reflecting surface
  • An effective improvement of MXenes over transformation of electromagnetic waves from wireless communication
  • IoT based content oriented privacy preservation in wireless communication
  • Exploitation of statistical CSI using large intelligent surface assisted wireless communication
  • Utilization of deep learning approach in prediction of channel state based on 5G wireless communication
  • Exploitation of wireless communication networks for energy efficient federated learning
  • Energy efficiency based reconfigurable intelligent surfaces in wireless communication systems
  • Rotary wing UAV for energy minimization in wireless communication
  • Enhancing wireless communication systems using orbital angular momentum
  • Software controlled metasurfaces for novel wireless communication paradigm
  • Implementation of unmanned aerial vehicles in wireless communications using game theoretic approaches
  • Deployment of machine learning and cognitive radio approaches to enable intelligent wireless communications
  • Intelligent reflecting surfaces for secure and robust wireless communications
  • A digital metasurfaces approach for wireless communication scheme
  • Distributed reconfigurable intelligent surfaces for energy efficient wireless communications

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