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PhD Research Topics in Wireless Sensor Network

        Do you guys feel tired of searching for the innovative PhD research topics in wireless sensor network? Then you are at the right place, we have illustrated the key research topics in the field of wireless sensor network. The research scholars can select an emerging topic from the below highlights.

  • 3D and 4D wireless sensor
  • Intelligent agents deployed communication
  • Multi mobile sink location and relocation
  • Route readjustment and path prediction
  • Energy harvesting and consumption
Wireless Sensor Networks Simulation

Wireless Sensor Network Projects

       Following is about the list of PhD research topics in the field of wireless sensor network and our technical people have even more research topics.

  • Enhancing wireless sensor network via environment fusion multipath routing protocol
  • Extremely randomized trees based fault diagnosis in wireless sensor network environment
  • Bee algorithm for wireless sensor network coverage optimization
  • IoT based wireless sensor networks using hybrid secure routing and monitoring mechanism
  • Wireless sensor network based smart river monitoring
  • An enhanced wireless sensor network with improved DV-hop localization algorithm
  • Development of wireless sensor network using energy efficient and depth controlled routing protocol
  • Data collection in wireless sensor network using flight time UAV minimization
  • Reliable routing of wireless sensor network via energy efficient algorithms
  • Hybrid approach of genetic algorithm (GA) and particle swarm optimization (PSO) for WSN optimization
  • An effective data aggregating method based on compressive sensing in WSN clustering
  • Decentralized method for wireless sensor network using wireless and real time structural damage detection
  • Reduction of energy consumption in wireless sensor networks using enhanced schedule of TDMA
  • Wireless sensor based healthcare applications using energy efficient architecture
  • Enhancing wireless sensor networks with energy efficient scalable routing algorithm
  • An approach based on improved cluster hierarchy in wireless sensor network for lifetime maximization
  • Utilization of fault tolerant mechanism in wireless sensor network environment
  • A design of hierarchical model in wireless sensor networks using α-fraction first mechanism
  • Wireless sensor network based adaptive intelligent alarm system
  • Industrial monitoring and control based on wireless sensor network system

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