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Python Network Simulator

          In general, our technical professionals have highlighted notable points based on the python network simulator over his article.

Step: 1 Download Python Network Simulator

         Initially, we have to download the package using below mentioned URL which is based on pythonic discrete event network simulator and simpy package.


Downloading Python Network Simulator

Step: 2 Install Python Network Simulator

        We have to install the simulator through opening the terminal and implementing the below mentioned commands.

conda update conda

conda create -n ns.py python=3.9

conda activate ns.py

pip install ns.py

Installation of Python Network Simulator

Step: 3 Network Components in Python

        In addition, we have to the following components to make network simulation using python.

  • Port
  • Output port on switch with rate and buffer size using simple tail drop mechanism to drop packets
  • ProxyPacketGenerator
  • It redirects real world packets into simulation environment
  • TCPPacketGenerator
  • It is used to generate packets with TCP as transport protocol
  • Packet
  • It is the representation of network packet, carrying its creation time, size, packet ID, flow ID, source and destination

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