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What are the SDN Simulator Currently Available

       Are you guys excited to know about the significance of simulators based on software defined network? Then stay tuned!!! We have enlisted the notable simulators based on veins in software defined network.

List of SDN Simulators

  • OMNeT++
  • The Inet::RealtimeScheduler and ExtInterface are permitting the controller to cooperate with real SDN networks in OMNeT++
  • Cooja
  • SDN-WISE is integrated into Cooja to perform the SDN in Cooja tool and it is deployed to build SDN-WISE to run sdn-wise/RUNME.sh script
  • Ns-3
  • OFSwitch13 module is used to enhance the Ns-3 network simulator along with the software defined networking support
  • Mininet
  • It is an open source project and it runs to collect the experiment with software defined networking (SDN) systems, links on a single Linux kernel, routers, switches and end-hosts through the utilization of OpenFlow and P4 modules

Applications in SDN

       Furthermore, we have highlighted some applications based on software defined networking which are applicable in recent times.

  • Reliable group data delivery (RGDD)
  • Software defined local area network (SD-LAN)
  • Software defined wide area network (SD-WAN)
  • Internet based networking (IBN)
  • Software defined mobile network (SDMN)

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