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Where Can I Learn Ns3 LTE Modules Is There Any Example Code for LTE

          Hey you folks can learn the complete process about the LTE modules through this article with the support of our research experts. Let’s start this article with the installation of ns-3.26 packages.

Install Ns-3.26

         While the ns-3.26 packages are downloaded, it has to be installed through the execution of the following commands.

cd /home/research/ns-allinone-3.26
sudo ./build.py
Installation of Ns-3.26

LTE Module in Ns3

        When the ns-3.26 packages are installed, LTE modules are stored in the below mentioned location.


LTE Source Code

         At that time, we have to include source code to create the LTE based simulation.

Source Code Location

Example Code in LTE

        We have highlighted the sample codes in the location that is highlighted below,

Location of Example Code

               At last, you guys can just make a call to us to acquire more research assistances.