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Why Do We Use Ns3

          In fact, verifying the installation of ns3 version mainly in Ubuntu is considered as the simple process and through this we have enlisted the required steps over this article.

Features of Ns3

          The supportive process of ns3 simulation is functional in both the IP and non IP networks such as.

  • 6G
  • 5G
  • LTE
  • Wimax
  • Wifi

Creation Modules in Ns3

          In addition, we have to create the novel modules through the implementation of the below the following commands.

cd /home/research/ns-allinone-3.26/ns-3.26/src
sudo ./create-module.py NewModuleName
Creation of Modules in Ns3

         To configure and update the modules based on the processes through the execution of the following commands.

cd ..
sudo ./waf configure
Configuration of Ns3 Modules
sudo ./waf build
Command Execution to Build Ns-3.26

           Additionally, all of us are occurred with some issues and by recognizing those issues we can be succeed and actually you can ping us to aid more.