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Wireless Communication Research Areas

        In fact! Research topic selection offers greatest opportunities to each and every student. As this is one of the vibrant tasks, topic selecting processes are developing the research’s fine quality as well as pave the direction to resolve addressed problems. Let’s take a glance over the list of topics in wireless communication.

  • Data suppression
  • Dynamic frequency hopping
  • Interference aware radio resource allocation
  • Heterogeneity of wireless devices
  • Channel and self-interference avoidance
  • Scalable parameterization
Simulation Based on Wireless Communication

Wireless Communication Research Projects

        Alright! Apart from these arguments, this is the last breath to know latest PhD research topics in wireless communication. All the below stated topics are actually done by our resource groups.

  • Capsule slime sealing device based wireless-communication based measurement of gas pressure
  • An energy efficient and secure communication in wireless sensor networks using automated lightweight encryption scheme
  • Cross technology communication in wireless networks using spoofing jamming attack
  • IIOT wireless communication system through multiuser physical layer security mechanism
  • Multi pixel photon counter and OFDM modulation in underwater wireless optical communication
  • Cuckoo search algorithm for neural network based nonlinear channel equalizers in wireless communication system
  • Wireless mobile nodes in intelligent transportation systems for secured data communication
  • A novel wireless network migration methodology in DCS with high security enabled network migration planning method
  • Wireless sensor networks enabled indoor communication through node localization technique
  • A linear instantaneous mixing system in non-cooperative wireless communication via underdetermined blind source separation
  • Microgrid performance optimization in unstable wireless communication through cognitive control approach
  • Wireless communication system based circularly polarized ultra wide band filtering antenna
  • A secure communication in clustered wireless sensor networks using lightweight identity based scheme
  • Future wireless communication based precoded digitized OFDM based NOMA system
  • Wireless sensor power and communication using energy harvesting of cathodic protection currents in subsea and marine structures
  • Communication coverage in wireless robotic networks via distributed deployment algorithm
  • Closed loop receiver de-synchronization for secrecy in wireless communication
  • Virtually coupled train set based wireless communication system using dependability evaluation
  • Secure transmission in wireless communication networks through resources optimization
  • Communication wheel for distributed localization in wireless sensor network

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