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Best Quality Mobile Communication Thesis

A communication technology that is used to interact with any number of mobile user devices is called mobile communication. Moreover, this type of communication mainly works without using any physical communication links. In the place of wired cables, it uses radio waves or optical waves, or electromagnetic waves. Overall, this mobile communication is a part of wireless technology and is also known as a mobile cellular network. 

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Overview of Mobile Communication 

As mentioned earlier, mobile communication is capable to make communication even with the long-distance device using wireless communication technology. It uses electrical devices which have full-duplex two-way communication. Further, it also uses radio access technology over the base station’s cellular network. As well, it includes many characteristics that are unique from other communication technologies.

Features of Mobile Communication 

  • Continuous Connectivity
    • Basically, mobile devices have the ability to move from one place to other
    • As well, it is essential to give services in every emergency situation without link breakdown
    • So, it ensures to give continuous connectivity even in travel
  • Rapidness
    • Enhanced the speed of network accessibility and service delivery
    • Also, improves the accuracy of data collections and computation
  • Readiness
    • Flexible to access the devices which are placed in different locations

Now, we can see the main classification/taxonomy of mobile communication. When you decided to choose mobile communication as your research field, it is required to know the following information. Since it is basic for all kinds of mobile applications and services in cellular networks. Here, we have presented different environs of mobile communication systems. 

Further, we have also included various network topologies, data collection techniques, communication models, routing techniques/methods, and mobility models. We have a technically well-established resource team to support you in all these mentioned classifications using mobile computing simulation. 

Research Challenges in Mobile Communication Thesis

Classifications of Mobile Communication 

Taxonomy of Mobile Communication 

  • Network Structure
    • Cluster
    • Mesh 
    • Chain
    • Hybrid
    • Tree
    • Unstructured or Flat
  • Data Acquisition Strategies
    • Location-intensive
    • Data-intensive
    • Node-intensive
  • Communication Model
    • Data-centric
    • Sink-centric
    • Query-centric
    • Geolocation-centric
    • Address or Node-centric
  • Routing Techniques
    • Optimized-based
    • Classical-based
  • Mobility Models
    • Autoregressive
    • Virtual Game
    • Non-recurrent
    • Group
    • Social Community
    • Flocking and Swarm
  • Routing Methods
    • Hybrid
    • Proactive
    • Reactive

Next, we can see the recent research issues in mobile communication thesis. In order to start your research work, first, collect the latest research challenges. For this purpose, first, refer latest research papers to gather unsolved research problems and research gaps. In some cases, you can also solve existing research problems by improved techniques

Likewise, we have a massive amount of research challenges of mobile networks which are looking for effective research solutions. From our vast collection, here we have given you only a few of them for your reference. As well, connect with us to know suitable solutions for all these problems.

What are the major challenges of mobile communication? 

  • Minimum Bandwidth
    • Even though bandwidth is growing fast, the transmission rate is still lacking than wired technology
    • For instance: WAN system – Kbits/s and LAN system – Mbits/s (for one task)
    • Further, it also includes the requirement of communication protocols which has low overhead
  • Ad-hoc Structure
    • Focuses on network flexibility, routing (application and network layers), load balancing, service discovery, reliability, etc.
  • High Latency 
    • In present internet, connectivity variation is turn out to be a tricky task for communication protocols
    • The latency may cause the connection to fall asymmetric where QoS will vary
    • Therefore, the need for fault-tolerant / robust communication protocols increases
  • Interference
    • Control of interference is the challenging task in radio transmission than existing wired technology
    • Since the lighting and electrical engines may cause more interference 
    • As a result, it has the threat of high bit rate and packet loss rate
  • Shared Communication Medium
    • One of the popularly known shared communication mediums is a radio access 
    • This medium creates wireless transmission of data between sender and receiver
    • Even though different approaches have developed, still QoS is a questionable factor
    • Therefore, it requires an efficient scheme that assures QoS with multiplexing, access, and coding
  • Spectrum Frequency Band Management
    • In mobile communication, it has constrained frequency due to large-scale network
    • Therefore, it is essential to use available frequency band in an efficient way like using appropriate multiplexing and modulation techniques
    • Besides, it is also expected to use enhanced technologies such as SDN, low-power ad-hoc networks, new sir interface, and smart antenna
  • Security Threat
    • In the case of a wireless system, possibilities of cyber-attacks are increasing more
    • So, it is needed to protect data and networks by encryption, authentication, and other security mechanisms

In addition, we have also given you some latest mobile communication thesis ideas which are collected from current research areas. These ideas are sure to address the latest research demands among active research scholars. Moreover, we also provide project ideas for our handhold final year students who wish to do a project in mobile networks. 

We ensure you that our research always thinks out-of-box to present your unique ideas for your research. Further, if you have your own ideas and looking for expert guidance to proceed further then contact us. Our technical experts will definitely support you to develop innovative research work. 

Top 13 Recent Mobile Communication Thesis Ideas

  • ML Techniques for M2M Communication
  • Fronthaul and Backhaul Network Slicing
  • Multi-RAN based Cognitive Antenna Design 
  • Quantum Computing in D2D Communication
  • Innovations in Medium Access Controls 
  • Massive-MIMO, mm-Wave, and Hybrid Beamforming 
  • Advanced Physical Layer Techniques
  • Improved Resource Allocation and Control Strategies
  • Efficient Network Framework Construction 
  • Unmanned Ariel Vehicular Communication in Harsh Environ
  • Efficient Resource Control in Ultra-Dense Network 
  • 6G and 5G Beyond Communication using NOMA Technique
  • Remote Sensing and Satellite Communication

Furthermore, we have also given you some fast-evolving technologies that are widely used in mobile network applications. Presently, every scholar is desired to do research on advanced technology. Since it brings out a new dimension of mobile communication projects. On identifying this significant aspect, our resource team has developed several innovative research ideas for your project. Further, if you are curious to know other developing technologies of mobile communication then communicate with us. We assure to provide you with comprehensive services in your desired technologies. 

Top 13 Mobile Communication Thesis Ideas

Emerging Technologies for Mobile Communication 

  • System Optimization and Coding Theory 
  • Multi-hop Networking in Wireless System
  • Interconnected Vehicular Communication
  • 5G and 6G Cellular Communication Networks
  • Wide-band Wireless Data Transmission
  • Collaborative Wireless Networking Systems
  • Next-Generation Mobile Communication Technologies
  • Underwater Wireless Systems for Long-Distance Interaction
  • Cognitive Radio and Delay-Tolerant Networking

Thus far, we have seen about research and code execution viewpoint of mobile communication. Now, we can see the necessity and importance of Mobile Communication Thesis writing. When you begin your thesis writing under experts’ guidance like us, it is easy for you to prepare a flawless thesis. Since it is one of the key phases of your PhD / MS study which needs more extra care to complete on time. 

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Guidelines for Best PhD / MS Thesis Writing 

  • Objectives 
    • Relate with your research problem
    • Discuss the aim of your research work
    • Make objective as a whole target or connected parts
    • Specify how you sequentially achieve your research objective(s) 
  • Background 
    • Provide sufficient background information on problem
    • Specify the environment / situation used in project development
    • Make readers realize your proposed research 
  • Research Problems / Questions 
  • Describe your handpicked research problems/questions 
    • Focus on a topic that you have narrow-downed 
  • Problem Statement 
    • Highlight the unknown facts that going to be proposed
    • Mention the research gap that you’re trying to fill
    • Define aspects that you are going to improve
  • Validate your Study or Justification of the Study 
    • Indicate the importance and need of your research
    • Emphasis on beneficial elements of your research on society
  • Hypotheses 
    • Explain theoretical aspects of situation/problem 
    • Convey whether the problem is theoretically proved or not 
  • Theoretical Framework 
    • Theorems related to your research works
    • Address your used illustration from existing research work
    • Specify in what way you build your research work from existing theories
  • Assumptions 
    • Mention the assumptions and conditions you made to prove your results
  • Research Scope 
    • Give details on current and future research scope
    • Check the geographical region-based control of proposed research
  • Constraints of the Study 
    • Provide limitations/challenges that create obstacles in your result achievement

In addition, we have also shared our unique way of approach in preparing and writing a thesis. For your convenience, we have a separate team of writers to are smart in writing a research proposal, literature survey, research journal paper, report, mobile communication thesis. So, we know all vital aspects to enhance your thesis quality. For illustration purposes, here we have taken research methodology as an example and given essential requirements.

How do we write the methodology & results of the Thesis?

  • Explanation of your research concepts, algorithms, and mathematical formulas 
  • Clarification on your proposed statistical and analytical techniques
  • Information on validity range, assumption, and constraints
  • Evidence for your results
  • Show the plotted graphs to assess the performance
  • Proper references and citations 
  • Information to recreate your study and implementation

When you complete your thesis methodology phase, check whether the following questions are answered properly in your prepared thesis. The following questions are suggested by our experts to make a perfect fast-acceptance thesis. The methods section must to answer the following questions:

  • Whether used dataset can be collected again by another someone for the recreation process?
  • Whether you have given more than enough information on used equipment and technologies for recreating your research?
  • Whether anyone recreates your research through proposed entities, parameters, etc.
  • Whether proposed key algorithms can be properly recreated for the same results?

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