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Parallel and High-Speed Computations of Elliptic Curve Cryptography Using Hybrid-Double Multipliers

High-performance and fast implementation of point multiplication is crucial for elliptic curve cryptographic systems. Recently, considerable research has investigated the implementation of point multiplication on different curves over binary extension fields. In this paper, we propose efficient and high speed architectures to implement point multiplication on binary Edwards and generalized Hessian curves. We perform a data-flow analysis and investigate maximum number of parallel multipliers to be employed to reduce the latency of point multiplication on these curves.

Then, we modify the addition and doubling formulations and employ a newly proposed digit-level hybrid-double Gaussian normal basis multiplier to remove the data dependencies and hence reduce the latency of point multiplication. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first time that one employs hybrid-double multiplication technique to reduce the computation time of point multiplication. Moreover, we have implemented our proposed architectures for point multiplication on FPGA and obtained the results of timing and area. Our results indicate that the proposed scheme is one step forward to improve the performance of point multiplication on binary Edward and generalized Hessian curves.