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A New Radio Vehicular Communication Module for Ns-3

              In general, our research professionals have enlisted the significant processes that are functional in the MoReV2X based new radio vehicular communication module in ns3.

MoReV2X Modules in Ns3

            The 5G NR-V2X vehicular communications is performed through the utilization of MoReV2X in network simulator 3. The ns3 simulation is functional for the configuration of three various command line arguments.

  • Mixed
  • The configuration permits the coexistence of periodic and aperiodic traffic sources within the similar simulation
  • Periodic
  • V-UEs generate periodic traffic based on this argument
  • Aperiodic
  • V-UEs generate packets based on this  argument

Download MoReV2X

            Next, we have to download the MoReV2X module for the ns-3.33 through the below mentioned URL.


Link to Download MoReV2X Module

Load MoReV2X into Ns-3.33

          Following that, we have to copy the MoReV2X which is downloaded already and paste that in the below mentioned location.

Location of MoReV2X

Configure MoReV2X in Ns-3.33

           Finally, we have to configure the packages based on ns-3.33 through implementation of the below mentioned commands.

cd /home/research/ns-allinone-3.33/ns-3.33
sudo ./waf configure
Configuration of MoReV2X in Ns3

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