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PhD Research Topics in Computer Networks

         As the general process, we have well knowledgeable resource team with us to implement the emerging research ideas in computer networks. In addition to that, our technical professionals have highlighted some substantial research topics in the field of computer networks.

  • Network security analysis
  • Physical layer technologies
  • QoS and QoE attainment
  • Hybrid network topology
  • Network designs optimization
  • Network protocols
Simulation in Computer Networks

Newest Projects in Computer Networks

         As sample, let us take a look about the list of topics that have been implemented by our research professionals in computer network.

  • Dynamic migrated edge computer function for autonomous driving vehicle controlling network
  • Enhancing software defined networking data plane using network security situation prediction
  • An efficient and improved wavelet neural network based analysis and management of computer network information security
  • Hazards and elucidations of information securities in big data based computer networks
  • Connection efficiency of network systems for designing deep neural network models in computer network intrusion detection
  • Protection of network traffic in IoT using set of intrusion detection techniques
  • Fuzzy neural networks technique for control of wheelchair brain computer interface
  • Utilization of machine learning algorithm in computer communication network for analysis and optimization of reliability
  • Designing neural network based computer network security evaluation simulation model
  • Dynamic process of determining fault tolerant performance probability of high survivability computer network
  • Analyzing controllability models in computer network protection system to enhance the reliability
  • Neural network based computer network security encryption technology
  • Routing protocol convergence parameter estimation process in computer networks
  • Ensuring process of network service availability in link state routing networks using hybrid link protection scheme
  • Neural network algorithm to improve the performance of optimization based on computer network connection
  • Computer network security technology to prevent against influencing factors
  • Creation of big data based computer network security defense system
  • Enhancing neural network using computer network fault diagnosis process
  • Improved optimization algorithms for computer network connection in CNN
  • Computer network knowledge graph using network situation features extraction process

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