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PhD Research Topics in Telecommunication Engineering

         In fact! Our resource team will provide the complete research support for the research scholars to enhance their skills and create a research project in telecommunication engineering. Let’s start this article with the list of research topics that are deployed to implement the telecommunication engineering projects.

  • Coexistence of OFDMA
  • Service oriented interoperability in B5G
  • Small cell management and optimization
  • Multi RAT secure slicing in HetNets
  • Ultra wide band for multimedia streaming
Simulation Based on Telecommunication Engineering

Telecommunication Engineering Projects

       In the following, our professionals have highlighted some list of topics in telecommunication engineering which are implemented by our development team.

  • Execution of telecommunication in amazon region based on urban environments using neural network modeling and hybrid ARIMA
  • Software defined radio to adapt team based learning applications in telecommunication engineering
  • Implementing real time spectrum and energy optimization of broadcasting networks in IoT management platform
  • Utilization of DM technology in new media age to monitor network popular opinion
  • Development of IR telecommunications band using graphene integrated in ring type Fabry Perot cavity
  • Prevention of telecommunication equipment using reliability based and sustainability informed maintenance optimization
  • Improving telecommunication mode division multiplexing signals in integrated silicon waveguides using optical wavelength conversion
  • Development of smart cities through battery lifetime estimation using energy efficient telecommunication
  • Online decision making process in telecommunication systems using hierarchical fuzzy situational networks
  • Enhancing video transmission and telecommunication live streams using novel blockchain technology
  • Telecommunication wavelengths with high sensitivity using fast MoTe2 waveguide photo detector
  • Transformation of quantum frequency to telecommunication wavelengths in single photons from nitrogen vacancy center
  • Improvement of telecommunication band using nonlinear few layer MXene assisted all optical wavelength transformation
  • Designing telecommunication model using nonlinear complex fractional and analysis
  • Dynamic prediction of churn in telecommunication using effective classification
  • Utilization of data certainty to predict customer churn in telecommunication industry
  • Telecommunication wavelengths with robust topology production
  • Stimulation to improve cardio metabolic medications using automated telecommunication interventions
  • Mobile telecommunications industry based churn prediction using neural network
  • Enhancing telecommunication networks through dynamic resilient routing and Type-2 fuzzy genetic approach

       If you guys have to know more about the implementation of telecommunication engineering projects, then reach us and acquire more.