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PhD Thesis on Blockchain Technology

        Most significantly, we people assure you that you guys can create an innovative research thesis based on blockchain technology. Additionally, this entire article will guide you people to get to know about the latest research topics. Let’s start this article with the list of novel research topics in blockchain technology.

  • Consensus protocol design and optimization
  • Guarantee for interoperability and security
  • Ransomware target and stable it coins
  • Online social network analysis
  • Multi factor authentication
Blockchain Technology Simulation

Blockchain Technology Projects

       As consequence, we have enlisted some of the research projects based on the blockchain technology.

  • Blockchain technology for customer repurchase motivation using order allocation technique
  • Enhancing real estate registration process using blockchain technology
  • An effective anti-money laundering compliances for banking sector recalibration through blockchain technology
  • Utilizing blockchain technology & digital information for macroeconomic forecast model system
  • Blockchain and AI technologies for vaccine supply chain management
  • Machine leaning & blockchain technology in healthcare claim processing for fraud detection and prevention method
  • City mobile pass cards for electronic payment technique with blockchain technology
  • Utilization of blockchain technology for security and traceability enhancement of biological samples in biobanks
  • Additive symbiotic networks for the effects of blockchain technology adoption
  • Ensuring credibility detection and risk prediction using blockchain technology in network public opinion
  • Blockchain technology based anti-counterfeit system enhancement
  • Enhancing distributed power trading system using blockchain technology
  • Intangible cultural heritage management through blockchain technology
  • Development of supply chain resilience using blockchain technology
  • Underwater acoustics & knight tour chain based true random bits extraction with block cipher’s substitution
  • Blockchain based quality control and traceability framework for product supply chain
  • Dual channel supply chains management using blockchain for online channel selection and pricing decisions
  • Enhancing supply chain management quality using IoT based blockchain technology
  • Blockchain technology based user sensitive information protection scheme
  • IP circuit protection for homomorphic encryption using circuit copyright blockchain

       Well! To be frank, the research scholars can reach us at any time to acquire the best research guidance in the field of block chain technology.