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What is Ns3 in Linux

              First of all, let’s have a look at the significant functionalities that are offered by the network simulator 3 based Linux. Mainly, the network simulator tool in Linux is deployed to enhance the free and open source simulation environment which is apt for the research based on networking.

              Next, let’s take a look into the process of ns3 installation along with the bake package in the Linux.

             We have to implement the below mentioned commands to find the ns3 libraries that are missing in the system.

sudo ./bake.py check

              Then, we have to configure the packages based on ns-3.29 through the execution of the below mentioned commands.

sudo ./bake.py configure -e ns-3.29

              Consequently, the following commands are implemented to install the ns-3.29 packages in the linux terminal.

sudo ./bake.py build

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